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Hi, my name is Hugo and I built 👋

This surprises a lot of people, but it's just me running this website! I handle everything from development and marketing to customer support. Having spent more than two decades as a software engineer, I've worked on a wide range of software projects and interviewed hundreds of engineering candidates.

I built this website because I wanted something better than the existing platforms I had used for interviewing candidates in the past. So, I decided to roll up my sleeves, develop it, and share it with the world. As a solo developer, I truly value simplicity, craftsmanship, and software quality.

My goal is to make it the go-to alternative for remote interviews and online coding platforms. My intent is to also keep the website free and easy to use. I hope multiple teams around the world can benefit from it.

So, welcome to! I'm excited to have you here as I create a more seamless and enjoyable interviewing experience. I honestly hope you enjoy the simplicity of the website and find great talents for your company.

Feel free to reach out to me (hugo at or follow me on Twitter (@HugoVTeixeira).

Built with in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.